A Dress for Every Body

Leading up to your wedding date, so many Brides are stressed out about making everyone else happy! Shopping for Bridesmaid's dresses can be especially stressful, but we're here to help you navigate that process to make yourself happy, as well as your Bridesmaid's on your special day.

In your Bridal party, its more than likely you'll have people with different preferences, styles, body shapes and skin tones. Finding a perfect dress for all of your Bridesmaids can be tricky, but don't worry! We did the work for you so you don't have to.


A-line dress are great for every body type, as they flatter curves, as well as collar bones. 

High-low dresses

High to low dresses are also great for complimenting all body types from their fitted, yet loose flare.

Corset Back

At first read, I know some of you are probably thinking "corset back?! This is not the 1600s.." But hear me out. Corset backs are such a timeless look and definitely not outdated. Corset backs also fit each individual body without squeezing them into a certain mold. They help compliment curves everywhere. 

Halter Top

Halter tops are great because they cover everything from the waist up! The biggest problem with finding a dress that looks good on everyone is that not everyone has the same chest size. Halter tops are great because they don't make flat chests noticeable, and don't make girls with larger chests feel as though they're popping out of the dress. 

All pictures are courtsey of Google Images.