Nice to Meet You

Hello Brides! My name is Erin and I'm new at Mack Stylist. I'll be working alongside Lauren here! So don't worry - she's not going anywhere.

I'm originally from Long Island, NY and have always been a NYC girl. I love being in Philly and experiencing this city and all of the amazing neighborhoods and activities it has to offer. I'm a rising senior at Saint Joseph's University studying Communications and marketing with a concentration in event marketing. After graduation, I'm hoping to become a wedding planner.

Like Lauren, I also studied abroad in Rome in the fall (small world right)! I had never been to Europe before, let alone travel, so this experience was pretty life changing for me. As much as I loved seeing the world, and was essentially much dragged out of Italy kicking and screaming, I'm glad to be back in a place I call home.

At first, I wanted to work at Mack Stylist because I wanted to gain some more experience in the industry. Since being here - I have learned way more than I ever thought I would! Between creating your perfectly timed schedule, scheduling your consultation and trial, as well as promising that you will look your absolute BEST on your wedding day! I'm really grateful to Mackenzie and the rest of team for being amazing mentors, and helping pave my journey here at Mack Stylist!

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